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If you're not seeing Chinese/Japanese characters in your browser,
you may need to install language support for your operating system.
On XP its through this:

Then load the dictionary you want, and your cursor should be hot!


For Macs, is a useful site for setting up Asian language fonts.

The translated text window can be resized:

The translated text window is also scrollable and selectable. Once the text you want to inspect is shown, stop the translation by right clicking to bring up the context menu. While the context menu is up, move your mouse to the translation area, and select text or scroll with mousewheel.

Obviously, you can also copy the text to the clipboard and do a Google Translation with the context menu :)


A button is available to conveniently show/hide HanziBar:


You can find it in the Customize Toolbar Dialog:


Or you can show/hide HanziBar by right-clicking on the red button (or any Firefox toolbar for that matter):

You can change text color by typing the URL "about:config" in the Address Bar.
Change the setting "hanzibar.font.color" with your
Color Name or Value, then close and restart FireFox.


Here is an example of using Hanzibar to translate text from a non-browser application:


The search window can also be used as a scratchpad for copy/paste exchange with the translation window:


HanziBar was based on Googlebar Lite.
HanziBar uses the EDICT dictionary, which is the property of the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group at Monash University.
It also uses the CEDICT dictionary from .